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Muhlenberg County Homemakers

Muhlenberg County Extension Homemakers

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Muhlenberg County Homemakers

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Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association

Monthly Mingle

Do you love crafts and games? Join the Muhlenberg County Homemakers monthly for a craft mingle or game night. You don't have to be a Homemaker member to participate. Bring a friend and join in the fun!

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What is KEHA?

The Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) is a volunteer organization that works to improve the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development, volunteer service, and education. Across the state County Extension Agents work closely with KEHA members and clubs to provide educational programming and coordinate community activities. As a member of the Muhlenberg County Homemakers Association you can take advantage of educational programs offered by the University of Kentucky, get the latest information on what's new for you, your home and your family, belong to a group that addresses community involvement, and make new friends. Check out some of the links below for more information about the Homemaker organization, or contact our office at (270) 338-3124.

Types of Groups

Traditional and Specialty Club Members
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Participate in club and county activities
  • Receive monthly newsletters with educational information plus a list of upcoming activities
  • Monthly educational lessons
  • Awards and recognition
  • Leadership opportunities
Mailbox Members
  • Ideal for those who wish to stay connected but have less time to regularly commit
  • Receive monthly newsletters with educational information
  • Receive monthly lessons via mail, with the option to attend in-person lessons
  • Opportunities to participate in county wide Extension Homemaker activities

Homemaker Association Scholarship Application

For Muhlenberg County students pursuing a degree in family and consumer sciences or agriculture.

Homemaker Clubs

Forever Young
Material Girls

Become a Homemaker

Homemaker dues for Mailbox Members are $10 per person for the 2023-2024 Homemaker Year. Checks should be made payable to Muhlenberg County Homemakers. (Please note that some clubs may charge more for their dues.) The deadline to pay your Homemaker dues for the 2023-2024 year is November 13, 2023.

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Jr. Homemakers

New in 2023, Muhlenberg County youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join us the second Saturday of each month from October 2023 to June 2024 for Jr. Homemakers. We'll explore a variety of topics from basket weaving, clay projects, baking, sewing, and more.

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